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Lisaa Paris Ecole de Mode Stylisme Textile Modélisme


Lisaa Admissions Requirements

Standard Requirements

Student should be highly motivated with an interest in applied arts.

Applications Procedures

Call the offices at ( or to arrange an interview.

An interview will be held with the candidate between January and June and will determine his level in the following areas:

Un rendez-vous sera proposé au candidat entre janvier et Juin. Il permet d'évaluer son niveau et portera sur les points suivants :

- General and artistic culture,

- Connaissance et curiosité du milieu de la mode,

- Presentation of a portfolio of personal artwork (drawings, illustrations, photographs, graphic work and personal research.)

- une lettre de motivation manuscrite,

- un curriculum vitae.


Length of interview : 1 hour



The candidate will be informed of the interview results two days later.


An admissions folder will then be sent. It must be returned to the offices accompanied by the registration fee (380 €), a photocopy of a piece of identification, a certificate from the last school attended, 4 identity photos and 6 regular postage stamps.

Lisaa Mode stylisme textile Paris : Descriptif des cours

Les locaux Rue de Cherche-midi.

Lisaa Mode stylisme textile Paris : Descriptif des cours

Les locaux Rue de Cherche-midi.

Lisaa Mode stylisme textile Paris : Descriptif des cours

Les locaux Rue de Cherche-midi.

School Rules / Tuition

Successful learning implies certain conditions, including a comfortable working environment to facilitate student development. This is only possible with clearly defined guidelines agreed upon by all concerned. The school rules, listed below, are established to provide optimal working conditions for everyone.



From the beginning of the school year, students must be aware of and respect class timetables. Attendance is mandatory for all, and no unjustified lateness or absences will be tolerated.


Students who anticipate an absence from Lisaa must inform the administrative offices, who reserve the right to refuse the request if the motive seems unwarranted. In case of frequent lateness or absences, the student will be summoned by the department director. Following the meeting, the student’s attitude will determine the measures taken by the school's director. In case of several warnings, this could lead to expulsion.


As part of their training, students are obliged to hand in a certain number of projects. The frequency of the projects is determined by each professor and projects may take place either within or outside actual classes.


To meet course program requirements the student should anticipate that an appreciable amount of work must be done outside the classroom.


Work will be commented on and graded, and these grades allow the staff to follow a student’s evolution and observe his work and effort. Any work turned in late will be graded as 0 (which will influence the student’s grade average). Evaluation forms will be sent to the person responsible for the student.


In addition to training, several juries are organized during the school year to prepare each student for his portfolio presentation. These juries will also provide evaluations.


Promotion to the following year

An overall view of grades obtained throughout the year will determine a student’s moving on to the following year.

Use of student work

Lisaa reserves the right to use student work in exhibitions and reproductions.


Students are required to maintain a correct attitude in the classroom and the school in general. Any offence to this protocol may result in a warning to the student. Any decision by the administration, for indiscipline or poor work, is nonnegotiable and precludes the reimbursement of school fees.


For reasons of security and hygiene, smoking is strictly forbidden in Lisaa buildings.


These rules may be modified or expanded. Lisaa's administration reserves the right to make changes at any time, should circumstances oblige.


School fees are due in their entirety at the beginning of the scholastic year.

Jurys intermédiaires

Jurys intermédiaires

Tuition fees



Advanced Courses


- Graphic Arts / Illustration / Internet / Audiovisual : : 9.900 €
- Fashion Design : 9.900 €
- Interior Design / Product Design : 9.900 €
- 3D / 2D Animation / Video Games : 9.900 € + 310 € technical fees.

Foreign students

Students from countries outside the European Union must pay school fees in full upon registration.


Registration fees

The registration fee is 1500 €. This will be reimbursed only if the Baccalauréat is not obtained and if registration was made «upon condition of obtaining the Baccalauréat.»


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